fixed logic/math bugs in set-time, still broken with GNOME tools
[systembsd.git] / conf /
2014-08-25 kremlinget rid of pesky, gdm-breaking logind service file...
2014-08-25 kremlinadd config_[set,get]() in util.c, replace ini-style...
2014-08-22 Landry Breuilfix url to gitweb repo
2014-08-18 Antoine JacoutotAdd DEPLOYMENT and LOCATION to machine-info.
2014-08-18 kremlinchange polkit action names to match systemd's exactly
2014-08-18 kremlins/Names=/Name=/g in files
2014-08-16 Antoine JacoutotAdd /etc/machine-info.
2014-08-16 Antoine JacoutotGet/set info into /etc/machine-info.
2014-08-15 kremlinadd polkit XML policies, include them in install target
2014-08-15 kremlinMerge branch 'devel' of git://
2014-08-15 Antoine Jacoutotdrop conf.
2014-08-15 Antoine Jacoutotconf -> service-files
2014-08-15 Antoine JacoutotRevamp the Makefile.
2014-08-09 kremlinrevert hostnamed-dbus.conf to allow normal users to...
2014-08-08 kremlinadd deny clause in hostnamed sysbus policy
2014-07-22 kremlinupdate service files to run with root permissions
2014-07-22 kremlinorganize configs in conf/ into new subdirectories
2014-07-22 kremlincut out cruft in dbus confs
2014-07-22 kremlinadd DBus service files, change Makefile to install...
2014-07-22 kremlinconf file will now be used to set intranslatable properties
2014-07-02 kremlinfollowing last commit, freshen up all ispect xml files...
2014-07-02 kremlin(1) updated ispect xml to reflect recent undocumented...
2014-06-26 kremlinbring in skeleton conf, add to makefile install target
2014-06-10 kremlinbring in new configs
2014-06-05 kremlindivorce introspect xml to conf/ file, rm hostnamed...
2014-06-05 kremlinsyncing working files between computers...