2014-10-14 kremlinclarify RTC/UTC messages/comments
2014-10-14 kremlinprevent directory traversal in setTimezone
2014-10-14 kremlincomplete SetTimezone function
2014-10-14 kremlindisable TZ checksumming, fix setTime
2014-09-26 kremlinfixed logic/math bugs in set-time, still broken with...
1973-03-03 kremlincompleted timedated's SetTime method
2014-09-14 kremlinbegan general logic for timedated's SetTime method
2014-09-03 Antoine JacoutotSpelling.
2014-09-02 kremlinproperly credit frogs
2014-08-28 kremlincontinue documenting
2014-08-28 kremlinstart manpage
2014-08-26 kremlinadd localtime determination system for timezone property
2014-08-25 kremlinMerge branch 'devel' of git://
2014-08-25 kremlinbegin get_timezone(), begin get_timezone_path() util...
2014-08-25 kremlinswitch params.h with types.h and include time.h in...
2014-08-25 kremlinadd get_file_sha256(path) to util.c
2014-08-25 Antoine JacoutotUnbreak installation.
2014-08-25 kremlinget rid of pesky, gdm-breaking logind service file...
2014-08-25 kremlinif /etc/myname lacks a trailing domain, do not force...
2014-08-25 kremlinadd config_[set,get]() in util.c, replace ini-style...
2014-08-25 kremlinfill in timedated skeleton funcs
2014-08-25 kremlinfill in localed skeleton funcs
2014-08-25 kremlinchange polkit-auth.{c,h} to util.{c,h}
2014-08-25 kremlinset /etc/myname when setStaticHostname is called
2014-08-25 kremlinadd get_bsd_hostname() and has_domain()
2014-08-22 Landry Breuilfix url to gitweb repo
2014-08-21 kremlinpretty hostname and static hostname no longer sync...
2014-08-21 kremlinmake SetStaticHostname() call sethostname()
2014-08-18 Antoine JacoutotInstall under libexec/systemd to match upstream (lib... gsoc-final
2014-08-18 Antoine JacoutotAdd DEPLOYMENT and LOCATION to machine-info.
2014-08-18 kremlinchange polkit action names to match systemd's exactly
2014-08-18 kremlins/Names=/Name=/g in files
2014-08-16 Antoine JacoutotAdd XXX and mention /etc/os-release for our_get_os_cpen...
2014-08-16 Antoine JacoutotAdd /etc/machine-info.
2014-08-16 Antoine JacoutotGet/set info into /etc/machine-info.
2014-08-16 Antoine JacoutotUnbreak install target.
2014-08-16 kremlinfinish remaining hostnamed method handlers
2014-08-16 kremlinremove unnessecary free in polkit-auth.c
2014-08-16 kremlintighten up polkit-auth, implement in hostnamed.c
2014-08-16 kremlinminor, remove test func from hostnamed.c
2014-08-16 kremlincomplete polkit-auth functionality
2014-08-16 kremlinadd polkit auth object, compile it in makefile, add...
2014-08-16 kremlinminor, fix tab/spacing issue in hostnamed.c
2014-08-16 kremlinget rid of main.c and references to it, it has been...
2014-08-15 kremlinadd polkit XML policies, include them in install target
2014-08-15 kremlinminor, change CFLAGS operator to '=' over '+='
2014-08-15 kremlinMerge branch 'devel' of git://
2014-08-15 kremlinpolish hostname setter func, fix logic issues with...
2014-08-15 Antoine Jacoutotdrop conf.
2014-08-15 Antoine Jacoutotconf -> service-files
2014-08-15 Antoine JacoutotRevamp the Makefile.
2014-08-15 kremlininclude polkit.h in all interfaces, edit makefile accor...
2014-08-09 kremlinconsolidate name setting functionality into set_name()
2014-08-09 kremlinrevert hostnamed-dbus.conf to allow normal users to...
2014-08-09 kremlinadd set_names(), complement to icon/chassis setters
2014-08-09 kremlinmake *name prop. getters operate similarly to others
2014-08-08 kremlinadd SetHostname functionality
2014-08-08 kremlinadd deny clause in hostnamed sysbus policy
2014-08-08 kremlinminor, make xen an uncertainty and move a comment that...
2014-08-07 Antoine Jacoutot"SmartDC HVM" comes from illumos-joyent, not Oracle...
2014-08-07 kremlinrecatagorize QEMU/KVM/etc. to correct baremetal classif...
2014-08-07 kremlinadd support for vars from uname(3)
2014-08-07 kremlinminor, update TODO
2014-08-07 kremlinminor, initialize counter to zero. i might be a bit...
2014-08-07 kremlinminor, add generous fixed buffer for sysctl strings
2014-08-07 kremlinminor, init some vars to 0 for saftey
2014-08-07 kremlinminor, remove extra comma
2014-08-07 kremlinminor, remove old comments + add KVM to chassis indicat...
2014-08-07 kremlinembellish chassis/icon detection for laptops/servers...
2014-08-07 kremlinrevamp icon/chassis determination method
2014-08-06 kremlinadd WIP bit of chassis detection for hostnamed
2014-08-06 kremlinminor, clean up last commit to compile with strict...
2014-08-06 kremlinadd get_[static/dynamic/pretty]hostname functionality
2014-08-06 kremlinminor, retab \t's to four spaces
2014-08-05 kremlinminor, s/g_print/g_printf
2014-08-05 kremlinminor, add ISC license blurbs to interfaces/foo/foo.h
2014-08-05 kremlinminor, add a TODO to hostnamed.c i caught
2014-08-05 kremlin(8) [final] modify main() to call correct clean sequence
2014-08-05 kremlin(7) add set_signal_handlers() to bind functions during...
2014-08-05 kremlin(6) add handler for unix termination signals
2014-08-05 kremlin(5) fix foo_mem_clean() functions to avoid race cond.
2014-08-05 kremlin(4) move on_name_acquired functionality to on_bus_acquired
2014-07-29 kremlin(3) add needed GLib headers, move loop and bus descr...
2014-07-29 kremlin(2) move on_name_lost() callback to appropriate commend...
2014-07-29 kremlin(1) add <interface>.h and #include it in corresponding .c
2014-07-29 kremlinsee full message -- safe signal/lifetime/glib code
2014-07-29 kremlinminor, clarify what "misc functions" are in comments
2014-07-29 kremlinminor, clarify "dbus signal" vs. "unix signal" in comments
2014-07-29 kremlininclude glib-unix.h in interface files
2014-07-22 kremlinminor, add tmpfile to preserve now-empty bin dirs
2014-07-22 kremlinupdate TODO
2014-07-22 kremlinupdate TODO
2014-07-22 kremlinminor, add genfiles to gitignore
2014-07-22 kremlinupdate service files to run with root permissions
2014-07-22 kremlinmodify makefile and script to work with previous commit
2014-07-22 kremlinorganize configs in conf/ into new subdirectories
2014-07-22 kremlinremove genfiles from repo, instead generate in makefile
2014-07-22 kremlinrefactor makefile with env variables
2014-07-22 kremlinedit TODO
2014-07-22 kremlinupdate gitignore to include all binaries