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assignments.git CSE 384 assignments. fall... kremlin 3 years ago
bbb-pru.git programmable realtime unit... kremlin 18 months ago
bbb-usb.git openbsd USB OTG driver stack... kremlin 6 months ago
capstone.git senior capstone project kremlin 18 months ago
cse-arch-proj1.git CSE 381 Project 1: MIPS Matrix... kremlin 3 years ago
dotfiles.git waste of time kremlin 12 months ago
goonstation-2016.git a bad idea and a waste of... kremlin 12 days ago
grab_bag.git misc files kremlin 2 years ago
k_transpose.git browser terminal color transposer kremlin 2 years ago
mobile-com.git android communication app... kremlin 3 years ago
openbsd_emul.git OpenBSD binary emulation on... kremlin 2 years ago
puffcrash.git ddb un-suck-ifier & kernel... kremlin 5 months ago
sdmmc.git GSoC 2015: sd/mmc driver stack... kremlin 2 years ago
systembsd.git google summer of code 2014... kremlin 16 months ago